Day and Night longboards

Equinox: Day and night are the same, so when I came across a day and night set of longboards I was excited and challenged at the same time.

Should I favor the day and spend 12 hours on the day board or go for the night and spent 12 hours on the night board, should I get both or just stick to one. So many choices.

There are many pintail longboard with great decorations but not that many that come in a day and night version, so you can see how delightful I was discovering these at The sunrise on the tropical day punked pintail is so bright and the colors are so vibrant they are hard to ignore. The pacific flowers and hibiscus make it all attractive and wishing I was back in Hawaii, living the good live and enjoying the beach, sun and tropics.

Tropical day pintail longboard 40 inch

Getting side tracked a bit,…. don’t you think that Hawaii is one of the magical places you could go to over and over again?

‘sunrise’ is defined as the moment the upper edge of the sun’s disk becomes visible above the horizon – not when the center of the sun is visible

The night version of this insanely good looking board just blows you mind with the great sunset and palm trees. The tropical night pintail longboard is a whole 40 inches long and


‘sunset’ refers to the moment the Sun’s upper edge, not the center, disappears below the horizon. The time it takes for the sun to fully rise and set, which is several minutes

Did you know that the sunset time is added to the day and subtracted from the night, and therefore the equinox day lasts a little longer than 12 hours. So they are not exactly the same .

It’s fascinating to think and look at the day and night being the same length, however it didn’t help me decide to pick between the tropical day and tropical night longboard..


the best is to get both?? :-)

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